A musical, poetry cabaret.

One dress selected and crafted expressly for each performance. Poemes hidden beneath the garment. A pair of scissors. An audience that cuts the garment looking for the poems. The voice that gives them life, keeping time with a cymbal, guitar, piano or music samples. With paintings, phtoos, smoke, flames, flares or projections as decoration. A spectacle in constant evolution. That finds new forms according to the location and collaborators. That seeks to grow without losing the passion and push of amateurs.

Pròxims shows:
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Lyrics, voice, costume & make up: Txell Bonet

Music by:
Jonny Owens - Guitar
Florian Dumitru - Cymbal
Xavi Lloses - Piano
Raul Hinojosa - Samplers


Press Kit Txell Bonet [.ZIP]

  • Bio + Dossier '¡Detente, bala!

Cabrianes, poesia a la vora del foc [PDF]

  • Pepa Mañé. Regio 7.

Poemes des del fons del cos [PDF]

  • Marta Pich. Regio 7.

'Detente bala': Poesia a flor de pell

  • Ada Parellada. Diari Ara.

Txell Bonet - info@txellbonet.com